Hay House's Sister Building Turned Speakeasy

Everyone loves the Hay House. It is one of Macon’s most valued landmarks. It reminds us of better times Macon has seen and gives us hope for a bigger and brighter future. What if I told you that the Hay House has a sister building?

You may have noticed the Brownstone building that sits on 566 Mulberry between 2nd and 3rd Streets in downtown Macon. The Brownstone building was designed by the same New York architect who designed the Hay House. Italian artisans were brought over to the states to construct the building in 1858 for Dr. George Emerson.

I cannot help but to think of all this building has seen. Built in 1858, it has witnessed everything from the Civil War to the Roaring 20’s and Prohibition to the Great Depression to the Civil Rights Movement.

What better way to showcase this building than to have our very own Macon Pops Jazz Quartet in this speakeasy style venue? Be sure to bring your dancing shoes as Steve Moretti and his gang produce nothing less than world class music. Steve and I envisioned a speakeasy night with his musicians and my pop up shows since we conceptualized the idea this summer. We never expected this building to be as cool as it is. Macon never ceases to amaze me with all its hidden gems.

The Quartet will play for 80 minutes and will feature:

Matt Catingub - piano & vocals

Steve Moretti – drums

Billy Thornton – bass

Joe Gransden - trumpet & vocals.

Tickets are $20 at Just Tap’d and Taste and See or at CorncerConcerts.com. Show starts at 7:30 on February 27th. Come out and explore what Macon has to offer and let’s take one more step towards Macon’s bright future.

-Andrew Eck, Corner Concerts