8 Reasons to be a Flea Market Volunteer

1. You get to scope out #maconfleafinds first.

Historic Macon has been holding a Flea Market for 38 years. People in Macon know that if they want to get rid of something (except for clothes), Historic Macon will take it. We collect items all year and we get some good stuff. I mean GOOD STUFF.

2. Then you get to purchase those #maconfleafinds.

Let’s be real, one of the major benefits of volunteering for the Flea Market is the opportunity to scope out what has been donated and then having the opportunity to buy a few of those things before the doors open to the public. Every Flea Market volunteer who works for 20 hours or more gets to shop at the volunteer pre-sale luncheon on Friday, October 2 (the day of the Preview Party). Volunteers have a $100 spending limit at this sale and none of the items are off limits (well unless they’re more expensive than $100....)

Not to mention, you get to attend the Flea Market Preview Party for free if you volunteer that evening.

3. The chance to make new friends.

There’s nothing quite like cleaning out boxes from a hoarder’s house that will bring you and someone you barely know closer together. Flea Market volunteers are in the trenches together sorting through donations, cleaning items, and pricing things to sell. This leads to some pretty entertaining moments, whether you’re knee deep in donated Tupperware or you find something you’re pretty sure someone meant to throw away. Plus, there’s always some kind of conversation starter at hand.

4. You’ve always wanted to appear on Antiques Roadshow or American Pickers.

Okay, so the Historic Macon Flea Market will not land you a spot on television. But you will see some pretty incredible antiques, collectibles, and everything in between. If you know a thing or two about fine china or vintage gas station signs, you can even impress your new Flea Market friends with your trivia. And hey, that might help you make a sale.

5.  Manual labor was never so much fun!

Historic Macon’s fearless Flea Market volunteers brave warm summer days to wade through boxes of donations, move furniture, and complete Flea Market donation deliveries. It is hard work but it’s fun work. Just think of it as your daily dose of exercise with your favorite new friends.

6. ANYONE can help.

Yes, some jobs at the Flea Market require some muscle but there are so many things that need to be done, that anyone can help. Not into picking up heavy furniture? Well we have plenty of silver to polish. Think you would rather lend us your eye for design? We always need help staging our inventory. After all, this is a sale! Whatever your talents, there is some task you can help with at the Flea Market

7. You might learn something.

The great thing about accepting donations all year long is that we have an incredibly diverse array of merchandise. From items purchased at Target to original works of art passed down in families, there are always interesting items to peruse. Often we receive donations that need a little research so that we can price them accordingly. You never know what will come through and there is usually someone around who knows something about it and likes to share

8. Your work makes our work possible.

The Flea Market is fun work but it can be hard at times. There is heavy lifting and you don’t stay clean on a typical day. But, all that work pays off because you’re raising money that makes Historic Macon’s mission possible. The Flea Market would not be possible AT ALL without the dedicated corps of volunteers who work diligently on the sale every week. In the past five years, these volunteers have raised $132,538.10. That is enough to fund a rehabilitation. Our Preservation Designer is currently working on a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house on Elm Street in Beall’s Hill with a budget this size.

Or think of it this way. On average, in the past five years, the Flea Market annually nets $26,500 from just ONE day and a three hour party. Now, that’s pretty cool.

If you want to become a Flea Market volunteer, you can come out to the former Karsten-Denson Hardware Store building at 536 Third Street in downtown Macon on Wednesdays from 9am to noon. If you can’t work on Wednesdays, contact Emily Hopkins at ehopkins@historicmacon.org or call 478-742-5084.