9 Reasons to Attend "How to Sell Historic Homes"

Is your new year’s resolution to learn something new? Perhaps it’s to finish those home improvement projects you’ve started but never been able to finish. Whether you want to act on your resolution or otherwise, “How to Sell Historic Homes” is a class you can’t miss. Here are 9 reasons to sign up today:

1. Impress your friends with architecture speak

Picture this: it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re driving with your friends through one of Macon’s many historic neighborhoods to grab a beer at Just Tap’d. “Wow. Look at the mansard roof on that beautiful Second Empire style house,” you say. Your friends look at each other with raised eyebrows and exchange looks of astonishment. “Where did you learn that?” they’ll ask. You’ll smile to yourself and be thankful you attended Historic Macon’s “How to Sell Historic Homes” because now you can properly describe the incredible buildings you see here in Macon on a daily basis. How’s that for conversation starters?

2. Learn what “tax credit” means

If you’re a supporter of Historic Macon, chances are you have heard and read this word more times than you can count. But at this point, you’re afraid to ask what it actually means. Never fear! During “How to Sell Historic Homes” this term, and many others, will be defined in a simple and approachable manner. So next time you get into a riveting conversation about preservation incentives, you can understand and participate with ease.

3. Take that definition and apply it to your home renovations

So now you know what tax credit actually means, how do you actually apply it to your everyday life? Historic Macon staff will present on the numerous preservation incentives available to owners of historic houses and how those incentives can save you cash money.

4. How to give your historic home some curb appeal

You have an idea of how you want to improve the façade of your house but you need a little help if it’s going to be completed and still be stylish. Sounds like you need a low-interest loan. Macon staff will explain who qualifies for low-interest façade loans, what work loans cover, and how the loan process works. If the paint is peeling on your historic home or you need a roof repair after recent monsoons, we highly suggest you pay attention to this part of the presentation.

5. Learn what DRB can and cannot do (and who you need to know)

DRB, or Design Review Board, is a board that advises what changes can be made to properties located in local historic districts. There are some misconceptions out there as to what changes can and cannot be made to your home if it is historic and if it is located within a local historic district or listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Clarification is on the way. A representative from Macon’s Design Review Board will explain DRB’s role in the renovation process. Meaning you’ll know how to start your rehab project and who you gonna call when it’s time to get started.

6. How to make your historic home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summerIn addition to Historic Macon’s façade loan program, we also manage a low-interest energy efficiency loan program. Loans from this program improve the overall efficiency of your home, making it easier to heat and cool that beautiful Victorian you’ve had your eye on. During “How to Sell Historic Homes” you’ll learn what properties and scope of work qualify for energy efficiency loans.

7. Why living in a historic neighborhood is literally the best

Okay, so maybe we’re a little biased at Historic Macon in regards to historic houses and neighborhoods. But evidence shows that preservation boosts economic development and creates more vibrant communities. Not mention, historic neighborhoods often define the character and soul of cities. We think it’s safe to say this course will teach you all about the many, MANY benefits of living in a historic neighborhood.

8. How to convince someone to purchase a historic home

We know that by the time noon rolls around and you’re ready to try some tasty El Camino tacos, you’ll be convinced that buying a historic home and living in a historic neighborhood is the best. We know that, you know that, now you need to convince your clients of that. Or, if you’re not a realtor, you need to convince all your friends who are still living in the ‘burbs or haven’t figured out how cool Macon is yet. This course will allow you to wax on eloquently about the numerous reasons to buy historic houses with numbers and anecdotes to support your claims.

9. Tacos

And did we mention you get a sneak peek of El Camino, one of the future amenities of historic downtown Macon? I mean, come on, tacos.

Signing up is easy! Visit this page to register online or contact Kim Campbell at kcampbell@historicmacon.org or 478-742-5084 to sign up. We’ll see you on January 15.