#MaconFleaFinds | Instagram's Top Picks

We’ve been posting and you’ve been liking! This week’s #maconfleafinds post showcases the items that have gotten the most buzz on our Instagram account through likes and comments. We couldn’t agree with you more.

1. Don’t be green with envy, Instagram! Buy this mint dresser this weekend!

2. It’s never been easier to furnish your man cave, Instagram.

3. That’s right @halesbails, our prices are incredible.

4. Stuff on stuff on stuff, Instagram approves.

5. We should have known Instagram would like this bar/server.

6. A chair that would look great in any room, Instagram.

7. Why yes this side table is exquisite and beautiful, @quintontard and @tfromtifton.

8. Instagram is ready for a dinner party.

9. The Old Clinton pick-up caught everyone’s attention

10. Someone from Dallas is ready to purchase this item #hottytoddy

What? You don’t follow us on Instagram? That needs to change. Our Instagram showcases more than just great #maconfleafinds. We also post updates of our rehabilitation projects, educational programming and all those things that your Flea Market dollars fund to make Macon a better place.

Come to the Historic Macon Flea Market this weekend, October 2-4 at 536 Third Street. You can see all these and more, in person. Until the Flea Market, flea on!