Steals, Deals, & Unreals

The College Hill Corridor is full of steals, deals and unreals. And Historic Macon properties are no exception. Historic Macon actively fulfills its mission of preserving our community by preserving architecture and sharing history through targeted neighborhood revitalization. Meaning we work in a concentrated geographic area, rehabbing houses and building in-fill housing on vacant lots block-by-block and street-by-street.

This approach means our organization offers housing options for everyone. We are a non-profit that is committed to providing a diversity of housing options to increase the number of owner-occupants living in Macon’s historic neighborhoods. We offer beautifully rehabilitated historic homes with modern finishes, including new plumbing and HVAC systems. All at affordable prices.

Did we mention that all of our properties in Beall’s Hill are eligible for Mercer University’s down-payment assistance program? And that every Historic Macon comes with 2 bicycles through the Bikes for Beall’s Hill program? Just a few extra deals to make our properties steals that are unreal.

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