9 (More) Reasons to be a Flea Market Volunteer

It's time once again to prepare for Historic Macon's annual Flea Market. The Flea Market is Historic Macon's largest fundraiser of the year and brings in over $40,000 in funds each year. This is made possible through our generous and hard-working volunteers. They clean, sort, price, and pick-up inventory for months prior to the Flea Market.

There are many reasons to be a Flea Market volunteer. Read on for nine good reasons or check out a post from last year for more.

1. Family bonding time.


The Flea Market is a family affair for many of our volunteers. Mothers and daughters, sons and fathers, sisters and brothers -all these folks volunteer at the Flea Market. They have the opportunity to form that extra special bond over uncovering weird donations and picking up heavy furniture during pick-ups.

2. You think you don’t need anything else, but you’ll find some really special items you can’t live without (bonus: you can purchase said items during the volunteer pre-sale and luncheon on Friday, November 4).

Just ask one of our dedicated volunteers. They sort through boxes and boxes of donated items every year, wondering how anyone could have so much stuff. But our donations are pretty great so it's hard to resist taking at least something home.

3. Flea Market friends are lifelong friends.


The act of sorting through donations and working the Flea Market creates interesting conversations and bonding moments, resulting in lifelong friendships. Our volunteers see each other every year during workdays and the sale, strengthening their bond one Flea Market at a time. 

4. You might see some really cute babies....

5. .....and Santa!


He's always watching. So you better be nice.

6. You’ll burn a few calories working in our new location


That's right, the Flea Market has a new home at 357 Oglethorpe Street. The 10,000 square foot warehouse is filling quickly with donations and this year's sale will be better than ever!

7. And you can treat yourself to a locally made brew after you burned those calories at the Macon Beer Company.

Photo by Jess Miller, via http://www.peachstatealetrail.com/jmillermbc/.

Photo by Jess Miller, via http://www.peachstatealetrail.com/jmillermbc/.

Our new location comes with the added bonus of great new neighbors, including the Macon Beer Company and the Macon Water Authority. Which will make for fun Saturday workdays and a great Preview Party.

8. Those green aprons though....


Yes, you get to wear one of the coveted green aprons. Which means you have some authority on the day of the sale. And it looks good on everyone. Especially after you’ve burned those calories during the work days. Right?

9. At the end of the day you can kick your feet up and know you made a difference.

93¢ of every dollar spent at the Flea Market does right back to Historic Macon. Those funds allow us to do what we do best: revitalize our community by preserving architecture and sharing history.

It's easy to volunteer.

If you're convinced that working at Historic Macon's Flea Market is one of the best volunteer gigs in Macon, we'd love to have you on board. Start by coming to weekly workdays on Wednesdays and Fridays of every week from 8am to 11am.

If those times don't work for you, sign up to work during the Flea Market November 3-5, 2017.

Have questions? Want to be added to the Flea Market volunteer email list? Email Rachelle Wilson at rwilson@historicmacon.org or call 478-742-5084.