2018 Patrons' Party

Historic Macon celebrates our patrons at The Tubman Musuem.

Historic Macon celebrates our patrons at The Tubman Musuem.

As one of the newest members to the HMF staff, I am still getting acquainted with this versatile organization and our expansive work throughout the community and beyond. The deeper I wade, the more impressed I become. If someone were to ask me what HMF’s most outstanding characteristic is, I would need some time to consider the answer. Though I would be tempted to say the unique, innovative approach to revitalization through preservation or the highly skilled, professional, diligent team I work alongside day in and day out, ultimately I must concede that the members themselves stand out as the most exceptional trait.

From my very first day with HMF, members have surprised me with an astonishing level of involvement, whether it be time, money, energy, ideas, connections, or resources. How many organizations like ours can boast over 3,500 volunteer hours a year? And that number is only growing. HMF members continually amaze me with their passion for preservation and commitment to Macon.

It is for this reason I eagerly prepared and welcomed the Patrons’ Party this past January, hoping all would be just right for our faithful members. How excited I was to experience my first one, brimming with the friendly faces of those who have characterized my inaugural months with HMF. Despite months of preparation, much to my chagrin there were still slight hiccups throughout the night (like temporarily darkened restrooms, runaway name tags, or missing bourbon), laughter still resounded throughout the atrium, assuring me that our members were enjoying themselves nevertheless.

The Patrons’ Party can only communicate a fraction of our gratitude, but I hope the importance and value of your involvement was and is clear. Thank you for your membership, we wouldn’t be who we are without you.

If you are interested in learning more about our memberships and how you can give back through the power of preservation, click here or call Trish at 478-742-5084.