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Historic Macon Foundation, in partnership with Historic Hills and Heights Development Corporation and the Macon Bibb County Land Bank Authority, seeks qualified respondents to purchase, rehabilitate and develop the Korner Kupboard.   The Beall’s Hill Neighborhood is strategically located between Mercer University and the historic downtown of Macon, GA.  Revitalization efforts began with the creation of Tattnall Place Apartments, a mixed-income development that replaced a public housing development.   Over the past 30 years, Historic Macon Foundation has revitalized the neighborhood through purchasing and rehabilitating buildings in poor condition and will continue to working in Beall’s Hill until it is complete. 

The Korner Kupboard, owned by the Land Bank Authority, is no longer in use and sits vacant.  The building has been home to a variety of occupants.   A grocery store is the number one use including; Daylight Market and Grocery Company and Harry Simmons Grocery in the forties; Daylight Grocery,  W&S Grocery and Daylight Super Foods in the fifties; and Sapp Grocery and Fulford Superette Grocery in the sixties. The space has also been used as the Sunbeam Bargain Store and Tipp Inn, Rolling Stars Motorcycle Club, Josie’s Rib Shack, Faith and Healing Temple, and Universal Temple of Love before becoming the Korner Kupboard in 1984.