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In July 2016, Knight Foundation awarded Historic Macon a $50,000 grant to create Neighborhood Incubator.  Neighborhood Incubator promotes broad-based resident engagement by working with individual neighborhoods. Through programming like Neighborhood Leadership Institute, Neighborhood Small Grant Project, and eventually Macon’s Neighborhood Council, Neighborhood Incubator provides valuable skills and resources for neighborhood leaders to strengthen their neighborhoods through community engagement.

Since its inception, Neighborhood Incubator has reached neighborhoods across Macon-Bibb County and continues to expand our programming and reach.

  • Over 75 people attended a public meeting in January 2017 to share what their neighborhood needed to thrive.

  • Based on discussions from public meeting, The J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development tailored curriculum specifically to Macon’s neighborhoods to launch Neighborhood Leadership Institute in May 2017.

  • 22 participants representing 16 Macon neighborhoods graduated from the inaugural Neighborhood Leadership Institute in November 2017. Neighborhoods included Fort Hill, South Macon, North Highlands, and Vineville.

  • 8 neighborhood projects were awarded Neighborhood Small Grants - ranging from a neighborhood website to little free libraries - totaling nearly $5,000.

“In watching the the growth of the residents mobilize to address issues impacting their neighborhood, I am convinced that neighborhood revitalization is a worthy effort! And thanks for the work that Historic Macon does to restore and preserve the unique character of ALL our neighborhoods.”
— Sundra

What is Neighborhood leadership institute?

Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) is a leadership training program specifically tailored to Macon's neighborhoods.

Historic Macon partnered with The J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development to create and facilitate NLI. Insights and discussion from the January 24, 2017 public meeting helped Fanning faculty design Neighborhood Leadership Institute. Check out a summary report from the public meeting highlighting key topics and quotes from the meeting. 

Who can apply for neighborhood leadership Institute?

ALL neighbors and neighborhoods (even if your neighborhood doesn’t have an established association) are encouraged to participate – all that’s required is commitment to make a difference in your neighborhood.  

what will I learn in NLI? What are the benefits?

The Impact Sessions will focus on topics such as community engagement, leadership skills, and goal setting - all essential tools for neighborhood leaders. The Local Resource Sessions will focus on topics that highlight Macon-Bibb County resources to combat blight, search for grant opportunities, communication strategies, and neighborhood finances. 

By participating in NLI, you and your neighborhood are eligible to apply for a small grant through the Neighborhood Small Grant Project! NLI provides practical experience to write grant applications that you can then apply to future grants. 

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why should i apply for neighborhood leadership institute?

Let me guess - you're asking yourself questions like:

I want to impact your neighborhood, but don’t know where to start?

How can we improve communications with our neighbors?

Where are grant opportunities for my neighborhood?

If this sounds like you - and you want to make a difference in your neighborhood - then apply today! Applications for the 2019 Neighborhood Leadership will open in July 2019. Complete the interest form below, and we’ll let you know when the application opens!

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Neighborhood Small Grant project

In May 2018, Historic Macon announced the inaugural recipients of the Neighborhood Small Grant Program (NSGP). These selected projects will connect neighborhood residents, engage skills and knowledge of neighbors, and build neighborhood capacity while executing neighborhood improvement projects. NSGP is designed to strengthen Macon-Bibb County neighborhoods to support a wide range of community-based initiatives. 

check out the awarded projects: