Often when I am feeling good about some accomplishment, I have to pause and remember my parents who’ve made what I’ve achieved possible. Gram and Ottameese Holland adopted me when I was five days old. We lived modestly and I was raised in a baptist home. I went everywhere with my mother, even to teas and luncheons. I would talk to any adult about anything by the time I was ten. No one who knows me now would believe that I worked in my dad’s auto parts store until I was seventeen. Both of my parents had passed away by the time I was 34. Their encouragement in “whatever I wanted to do” never faded. I am pleased to honor them with a planned gift to Historic Macon Foundation.
— C. Terry Holland

Many of our members want to see Macon's treasures preserved long after they pass on. The easiest way to ensure the future of our architectural and cultural heritage is to arrange a planned gift to Historic Macon Foundation. Every dollar you contribute through a planned gift will be placed in our Preservation Revolving Fund. Your contributions will be recycled year after year to save places, buildings and neighborhoods. There is no better way to make a perpetual gift to historic preservation and your city. Please call our office at (478) 742-5084 to arrange a meeting with our Director of Development, Trish Whitley, to discuss your planned gift.

Benefits to planned giving

  • Every dollar that you contribute can be recycled year after year in our revolving fund. The impact of your gift will continue in perpetuity.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities can be established with a minimum gift of $10,000 and can enable you to earn greater income on certificates of deposit and securities.
  • Estates can be taxed up to 65%. Establishing a planned gift can reduce your tax liability.
  • Planned gifts of even a few thousand dollars can make a big difference for preservation in Macon.
  • We can recognize your generosity now for a gift to be received in the future.

Characteristics of a planned gift donor

  • Most donors who make planned gifts are not wealthy, but feel very strongly about historic preservation.
  • Many planned gifts are in the form of historic real estate, which Historic Macon Foundation is well-equipped to receive.
  • Does this sound like you? Contact Director of Development, Trish Whitley at twhitley@historicmacon.org.