Every May, Historic Macon recognizes outstanding preservation projects with our Annual Preservation Awards. Awards are presented at the annual meeting which is free and open to the public and typically occurs on the first Tuesday in May. The following awards are given each year:

    • RESIDENTIAL/SINGLE-FAMILY Awards projects of single-family homes that are treated according to the National Park Service's definitions of preservation, rehabilitation, or restoration.
    • COMMERCIAL, INSTITUTIONAL, RENTAL, OR MUNICIPAL Awards commercial, institutional, rental or municipal projects that follow the National Park Service's definitions of preservation, rehabilitation, or restoration. 
    • Definitions are as follows:
      • Preservation -places a high premium on the retention of all historic fabric through conservation, maintenance, and repair. It reflects a building's continuum over time, through successive occupancies, and the respectful changes and alteration that are made.
      • Rehabilitation -emphasizes the retention and repair of historic materials, but more latitude is provided for replacement because it is assumed the property is deteriorated prior to work.
      • Restoration -focuses on the retention of materials from the most significant time in a property's history, while permitting the removal of materials from other periods.
  • REVITALIZATION Recognizes a project or work that makes an exception contribution to the community and/or a pioneering investment in historic districts that are in desperate need of revitalization.
  • STEWARDSHIP Honors owners or caretakers who ensure their buildings stay in excellent condition over a period of decades by consistently maintaining their properties.
  • JENNY THURSTON AWARD Honors an individual for lifetime achievement in the field of historic preservation.
  • MARYEL RAMSAY BATTIN AWARD Honors exception contributions to the mission and organization of Historic Macon Foundation over many years.
  • THAD E. MURPHEY PRESIDENT'S CHOICE AWARD Recipient is selected by the chair of Historic Macon's Board of Trustees and honors exceptional contributions to our community.

Nominate a preservation project today!

Use the form below to nominate an outstanding project or group that exemplifies preservation in our community. Historic Macon accepts nominations from the public in the following categories: Preservation, Rehabilitation, or Restoration (both residential and commercial, institutional, rental or municipal); Revitalization; and Stewardship. 

The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, February 28 at 5pm. Award winners will be notified in April and will be officially announced during Historic Macon's annual meeting in May.

You can also download a form and send completed nomination materials to Kim Campbell at